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Regent Street Association

The Regent Street Association was created to look after the interests of the retailers and businesses in the area. Headed by Annie Walker, the RSA is the point of contact for all official retailer business. Membership to the RSA has a number of benefits, such as weekly e-cards on retailer activity and a store discount ‘Privilege Card’ for all members.

Annie Walker

T: 020 7038 3718
(RSA members only)
F: 020 7038 3708
E: info@regentstreetonline.com

Regent Street Online and Social Media

For website and social media related enquiries, please contact the editor for Regent Street Online, Lois Saxton. Lois is the point of contact for all editorial content, Regent Street's social media presence, and retailer representation on Regent Street Online. 

Lois Saxton

T:020 7287 9601

Media Enquiries

Sister London handle all PR for Regent Street on behalf of The Crown Estate. For media enquiries relating to coverage of Regent Street events/retailers, please contact Sarah Millar. 

Sarah Millar

T: 020 7287 9601

W: www.sisterlondon.com 

E: sarah.millar@sisterlondon.com



Retail Property

Regent Street is a unique international destination, a world class environment that delivers quality, heritage, style and success. For information on property available to let on Regent Street, please contact James King. 

James King

T: 020 7182 2026
E: James.King@cbre.com

Regent Street Office Direct

Regent Street offers excellent office accommodation catering for diverse requirements. For information on individual properties and opportunities to let, please contact Regent Street Office.

Website – www.rsofficedirect.com
Email – info@rsofficedirect.com
Telephone – 0207 152 5648


The Crown Estate

The famous curve of Regent Street is part of an impressive property portfolio belonging to The Crown Estate. Overseeing many of the UK’s cityscapes, ancient forests, farms, parkland, coastline and communities, The Crown Estate’s role as employer, influencer, manager, guardian, facilitator and revenue creator is unique.

Adam Bray

T: 020 7851 5271
E: Adam.bray@thecrownestate.co.uk
W: www.thecrownestate.com

Regent Street Management Direct

Regent Street Management Direct is responsible for the management of all The Crown Estate's properties North of Piccadilly Circus. The operation runs from 149/151 Regent Street, located in the heart of the street. A 24/7 Facilities Helpline is backed up by on-site Property Management and Facility Management Teams.

Facilities Helpdesk

T: 020 7152 5988

Media Circus

For sponsorship and event related enquiries, please contact Media Circus

Linda Ewing

T: 0207 479 7000
E: linda@mediacircusltd.com

Keep up to date with latest news, competitions, offers and events from Regent Street.




Two Underground stations provide easy access:
Oxford Circus (Northern end of Regent Street): Central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines
Piccadilly Circus (Southern end of Regent Street): Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines

Regent Street bus routes are: C2, 3, 6, 12, 13, 15, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, 453*
*Those in bold provide a 24 hour service.