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Detox at Tibits

January detox - no problem. Just head to award-winning vegetarian restaurant Tibits for way more than a couple of sad helpings of lettuce. Nestled away on Heddon Street, just off Regent Street, this restaurant is a hidden gem. Established in 1998 by Swiss trio Reto, Christian and Daniel Frei, Tibits is a fast food vegetarian restaurant with a high-end twist. With help from Rolf & Marielle Hiltl, owners of Europe's oldest and leading vegetarian restaurant the Hiltl, the Frei brothers have injected a heavy dose of fun into vegetarian dining. Taking inspiration from the Hiltl’s plentiful food boat and health food juices, Tibits has fast become the go-to spot for delicious and varied vegetarian fare. 

Adorned in a beautiful floral print, the contemporary interior gives no hint at the restaurant’s vegetarian roots. Upon entry, your focus is drawn to the enormous food boat, colourful and inviting in the centre of the main dining space. Pick up a plate, get in line and help yourself.

There’s plenty of choice for everyone. Hot and cold food fills the boat, and the temptation to over-load your plate is inescapable. Select from tabbouleh, tasty couscous, breaded jalapenos, aubergine combinations, flavourful chickpea, mange tout and broccoli salad - it's a pick 'n' mix that won't fill you with guilt. Then there’s the hot dishes which are rotated daily. Vegetarian lasagne, tasty vegetable curry, butternut squash stroganoff and vegetable moussaka are just some of the options at this establishment. The choice is astounding, and that’s without a mention of drinks or dessert.

Today’s plate is piled high with helpings of brightly coloured vegetable variations. Deliciously sweet roasted aubergines, mange tout and broccoli, potato wedges (crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside), smooth hummus, and zingy beetroot. Most notable is the vegetable lasagne with its indulgently cheesy topping. The breaded jalapeno peppers are also particularly tasty - with their cheese centre. Vegan? Not to worry, there are plenty of non-dairy options too. Washed down with a zingy fennel, apple and lemon juice, aptly named ‘Fitness’, this lunch leaves you feeling full and fighting fit. A sticky toffee pudding dessert topped with fresh figs and Tibits’ signature vanilla cream seals the deal. This is the new lunch-time haunt.

Vegetarian or not, Tibits is an ideal spot to pop to for a morning meeting, to take a well deserved lunch break or for a post-work catch up with friends. The restaurant’s insouciant ‘help yourself’ charm promotes a relaxed atmosphere and the staff are friendly and always happy to help out. The food is filling and delicious. Tibits offers choice and quantity without compromising on quality - a West End restaurant that comes highly recommended.

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Two Underground stations provide easy access:
Oxford Circus (Northern end of Regent Street): Central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines
Piccadilly Circus (Southern end of Regent Street): Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines

Regent Street bus routes are: C2, 3, 6, 12, 13, 15, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, 453*
*Those in bold provide a 24 hour service.