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Dining at Fishworks

Just off Regent Street lies a hidden gem: the restaurant to head to if a fresh and delicious seafood dish is the preferred plate of the evening. Fishworks on Swallow Street is one of an award-winning restaurant group that specialises in serving up the very best seafood London can offer. This dining spot may be hidden behind the hustle and bustle of Regent Street but once you locate it, you'll find that you've unearthed a real go-to place for seafood.

A counter with the catch of the day is the first thing you see when stepping into this charming little restaurant on Swallow Street. It's the initial hint that there's a real tasty treat to come. Moreover, this fishmonger counter is not just for show. Like what you taste this evening and you can choose to buy a fresh fish from the counter to take home for tomorrow's dinner...

The staff are friendly and happy to help with recommendations, creating a welcoming atmosphere from the very beginning. Delicious sourdough is brought to the table with Fishworks' very own speciality - a home-made taramosalata that is rich, creamy and indulgent. A Waldorf salad of chicory, blue cheese, pears and walnuts makes for a light and tasty start to the meal. The sweetness of the pears compliment the creamy cheese beautifully, and walnuts add an extra, satisfying crunch.

Main dishes range from scallops and oysters to sea bass, bream, salmon, sole, plaice - you name it, Fishworks has it fresh and will cook it exactly as you like it. A selection of fresh fish is brought over to the table to choose from. Opting for the enormous sea bass to share (boneless), we ask for it baked with rosemary and vine tomatoes. The fish is simply cooked but infused with flavour from the rosemary. It's no frills, no fuss. A selection of sides are available to mix 'n' match from too. We share baby snap peas (with added bite) and a bowl of buttery new potatoes. It's the perfect accompaniment to such a healthy, clean-tasting meal.

Dessert is a definite. Hot, syrupy sticky toffee pudding is glutinous, sticks to the roof of your mouth and fills you with warmth. Teamed with a home-made vanilla ice cream, this sweet dish goes down a treat. Yes, it cancels out the healthy salad and nutritious main but wow, is it good. Fresh mint leaves are added to hot water for a mint tea that is organic and refreshingly palette cleansing. We leave feeling satisfied and ready to brace this new chill in the air. A walk down Regent Street and a spot of late night shopping rounds off a perfectly lovely evening at Fishworks.

Bookings for the restaurant are now being taken for the festive period and gift vouchers are also available for fellow foodies. It's certainly one to add to the 'to-try' list...

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Two Underground stations provide easy access:
Oxford Circus (Northern end of Regent Street): Central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines
Piccadilly Circus (Southern end of Regent Street): Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines

Regent Street bus routes are: C2, 3, 6, 12, 13, 15, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, 453*
*Those in bold provide a 24 hour service.