The Art of Banksy Exhibition



Jan21 2024

Welcoming The Art of Banksy to 84-86 Regent Street

An unmissable show, the exhibition has brought Banksy’s era defining works to over 1.5 million visitors in 15 cities across the globe - is opening on London’s iconic Regent Street with previously unseen artworks.

As the world’s largest collection of original and authenticated Banksy art showcasing more than 140 pieces including prints, canvases, unique works and fascinating ephemera, The Art of Banksy will also be presenting some extra special exhibits including a global exclusive – the first ever Flower Thrower.

Visitors can also expect to see the seminal artworks that brought the infamously anonymous artist international notoriety such as Girl With Balloon in three different colour variations and Rude Copper alongside truly one-off pieces including hand drawn sketches and personal works that Banksy created for friends, associates and lovers.

Visit the pop-up and learn about one of the world’s most important current artists and what their work reveals today; the power of art to affect social change, inspire and lay bare the undercurrents of social issues.

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