The Green Planet AR Experience, powered by EE 5G



Mar09 2022

Inspired by the BBC series, journey into the secret kingdom of plants at 55 Regent Street

Join a virtual Sir David Attenborough, through the magic of augmented reality, on an immersive journey to explore our green planet as you never have before in a ground-breaking free experience, powered by EE's 5G network.

Collect your mobile device and enter a living rainforest complete with hundreds of tropical trees, plants and shrubs, before exploring six digitally enhanced worlds. Discover tropical jungles, rainforests, water worlds, desert landscapes and the changing seasons - all through your mobile device, powered by EE's 5G network, which becomes a dynamic window into the secret kingdom of plants. Scientists and horticultural experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew have been involved in the creation of digital plant life to ensure that every leaf, tree and flower seen is scientifically accurate.

Learn the secrets of the Giant Amazon Water Lily, join shoals of Damsel fish in an underwater meadow of Neptune Seagrass and more – all with virtual David Attenborough as your guide.

Uncover the world of plants from their perspective. You'll see that plants can be as aggressive, competitive, and dramatic as any living thing on the planet, and how they form intriguing relationships with animals.

Learn why plants are so vital for the future of our planet by putting nature at your fingertips on Regent Street.

Tickets are free, so book now and visit 55 Regent Street to discover how we can all affect positive change.


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