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Inspirational Women in our Neighbourhood

In celebration of International Women’s Day, discover some of the incredible women who work on Regent Street

Monday 8th March marks International Women’s Day (IWD), an annual event with the objective of raising awareness for women’s equality and celebrating women’s achievements whilst spreading the message of our need to achieve a more gender-balanced world.

To celebrate IWD, we’ve brought together a snapshot of the work that women do across the Regent Street neighbourhood.

Nieves Barragan’s story

After 20 years on the London restaurant scene, Nieves founded an award-winning restaurant that she had dreamt of for years; the Michelin-starred Sabor in foodie haven Heddon Street.

In an interview for Regent Street Online Nieves shares some life advice for budding chefs and culinary aficionados alike: “I’m still learning. Don’t overthink it – sometimes simplicity is what is the most respected.”

Listen to Nieves’ interview with foodie Melissa Hemsley here

Alison Camps’ story

As part of our Shaping the Future podcast series, host Elizabeth Day spoke to Alison Camps, the Co-Chair of Pride In London. Speaking in our “shaping the future of celebrations” episode, we heard how Alison works to pull together one of London’s most widely attended events that runs the length of Regent Street each summer.

More than just a street celebration, Alison’s role is to ensure that Pride champions an inclusive experience for the LGBTQ+ community on the day and year-round, celebrating diversity in London. There’s even an amusing anecdote about Renée Zellweger.

Listen to Alison’s podcast interview here 

Annapaola di Prisco’s story

Annapaola has made her way from corporate financial law to her role as Retail Supervisor at the world’s first zero waste store, BOTTLETOP. A striking 3D printed store, made from upcycled ocean plastic, BOTTLETOP is a luxury fashion brand with a mission to empower both people and planet through sustainable design.

Annapaola’s role involves engaging with visitors to the store whilst also educating consumers more widely about the purpose behind the business. The UN #TOGETHERBAND is a key example of this, with 100% of proceeds from each sale used to spread the word about the UN’s Global Goals.

Annapaola shares how she marries a passion for sustainability with her fashion expertise: “Every day is an opportunity to educate people who are interested in talking about sustainability and the social conscience of the brand. One of my many dreams is to start an institution where I can teach the sustainable future of fashion.”

Learn more from Annapaola here

Anna Sebastian’s story

Anna is the Bar Manager at Artesian at the Langham, one of the World’s Top 50 Best Bars. Whilst the last year has been a little different, she shares her insights into being a woman in the hospitality industry and her hopes for the future: “I often get asked ‘how does it feel to be a woman in this industry?’. The fact that people have to ask that question makes me feel it still needs to be discussed. There is still work to be done and our team is very equal on the male to female split, although we of course hire based on skills. As time goes on things change. I would love there to be more women in the bar business.”

Read Anna discussing her role with her colleague here

Emma Horsfield’s story:

The Visual Manager at Anthropologie is responsible for creating some of the most visually stunning displays found on Regent Street. Emma’s creative vision is instrumental in telling the brand story. Hear where Emma draws ideas from, including “exhibitions happening in London, artists that inspire us and current trends. We are also inspired a lot by the natural world, as many of our displays incorporate reimagining flora and fauna - or even creating large scale animals for more impactful displays.’

Read more from Emma here

Nieves Barragan

Annapaola di Prisco

Anna Sebastian

Emma Horsfield

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