A Guide to central London’s best ice cream

Get the scoop on the best ice creams in central London

We can’t always rely on the weather, but you can always rely on the joy that ice cream brings. The only questions that remain are chocolate or vanilla? Cone or Cup? Well, why not both? Let us guide you through our top tips on where to snap up the crème de la crème of frozen treats this summer in central London. 

Heddon Street Kitchen

Looking for a helping of nostalgia with your ice-cream? Introducing Heddon Street Kitchen’s ‘Build Your Own’ ice cream bar. Found just off Regent Street near Oxford Circus,  adults and children alike can unleash their imaginations and create a frozen masterpiece with more flavours than you can shake a stick at and toppings including fresh berries, Oreos or honeycomb.


We thought the difficult choice was picking between Carpo’s indulgent ice cream flavours; think Greek Pistachio, mocha with espresso beans, luxury chocolate, vegan mango sorbet and more. But the real challenge comes when you get to choose your toppings – from nuts and granola to chocolate, honey and nut pastes, you’re spoilt for choice at its ice cream counter.


If something a little more unusual is your thing, book a table at The Counter at Heddon Street’s Sabor, and tuck into a goat’s cheese ice cream topped with liquorice sauce. Trust us, it’s a match made in ice cream heaven.

Fortnum and Mason

Some would say that the only option when it comes to the ultimate ice cream is the Knickerbocker Glory. The Parlour in St James’s Fortnum & Mason is the go-to destination for this, as well as a ‘Build-Your-Own Sundae’ menu. Candy floss topping? Anything is possible at Fortnum & Mason.


Love ice-cream but looking for something Dairy-Free? Look no further than the sublime Piura Porcelena at St James’s Market’s Scully. A dairy free, 75% chocolate sorbet topped with pistachio, blueberry vinegar gel, stem ginger and coco nibs. It is a taste sensation from international chef Ramael Scully.


Looking for more summer in the city inspiration? Read more about all the ways you can seize the moment from a long brunch with friends to exploring new galleries, all whilst creating new memories, and enjoy summer back in the city on our St James’s and Regent Street summer hubs. 

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