Dining on Regent Street

Be it taking a break from a shopping trip or nipping out for a quick bite to eat over lunch, Regent Street and the surrounding area is a sure spot to find something delicious.

From North of Regent Street to South, there are a great number of options, ranging from places to pop into for a take-out lunch (Leon, Itsu and Wholefoods are a more nutritional option if it's a fast-lunch that you're after), to some of the best restaurants in London, offering fine dining experiences for those wishing to luxuriate in their dinner.

Look to Regent Street for restaurants that are the very best at what they do. Tibits vegetarian restaurant on Heddon Street is one of the best restaurants offering vegan / vegetarian fare in London. In a similar vein, MASH steak on Brewer Street won last year's Best Restaurant award in the London Lifestyle Awards. Renowned for their specific specialities, Regent Street's restaurants have received acclaim for doing what they do best and honing in on that. Take the Langham Hotel as another example: the birth place of traditional British afternoon tea, this Regent Street hot-spot is still one of the go-to places for a fine afternoon tea experience.

As well as playing host to a number of great spots to eat along its periphery, Regent Street is also home to a number of pedestrianised 'food quarters'. Look to Heddon Street, Swallow Street and The Quadrant to escape the hustle and bustle of shoppers on Regent Street. Each of these areas comprises restaurants, cafes and bars - places to relax, eat and drink in the West End. 

Tibits, Momo and Aubaine on Heddon Street all offer outdoor seating, perfect for eating out on sunnier summer days. The same goes for Fishworks and Freggo on Swallow Street and Whole Foods Market on The Quadrant. All food quarters offer a range of options, from places to sit in and enjoy a luxurious dinner (Gaucho on Swallow Street and Cafe Royal on the Quadrant - good call for this), to a place to pick up coffee (Tonic on the Quadrant comes highly recommended) or a quick salad for lunch (Whole Foods Market / tibits). The choice is yours.

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