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DUOLAB unveils new skincare technology on Regent Street

Visit the pioneering skincare pop-up, the first of its kind in the world

From tomorrow (Saturday 8th February) an innovative new cosmetic concept, DUOLAB, will launch at 78 Regent Street. Using app technology to provide you with your very own skin laboratory in the comfort of your home, it cleverly assesses your skin before recommending the best combination of skincare capsules to suit you.

Curious as to how this works? We are too. The tech-led system diagnoses your skincare needs using an app to identify the perfect balance for you. Once the app’s assessment is complete, you then are instructed to load two capsules, one base and one concentrate dose, into the DUOLAB. Using thermocosmetic technology, the DUOLAB system then spends just 90 seconds blending these together, and heating to 37-42°C (to match the temperature of your skin).

The DUOLAB empowers you to meet your skin’s changing needs, whether caused by stress, pollution, hormones or tiredness, with 15 personalised combinations and 8 naturally powerful capsules.

With the products delivered straight to your door, DUOLAB offers a fuss-free approach to skincare. It also provides highly natural, preservative-free formulas with active ingredients and textures to suit your lifestyle and delivering the ultimate in tailored results.

To learn more about this system, we recommend visiting the in-store experts at 78 Regent Street pop-up, to experience this revolutionary technology first-hand. 

DUOLAB, 78 Regent Street, London, W1B 5RW  

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