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Eyewear brand Gentle Monster Opens First European Flagship Store on Regent Street

Gentle Monster redefines shopping with a surreal science-fiction inspired space

South Korean sunglasses and optical glasses brand Gentle Monster is known for its conceptual and artistic style. Coveted across the globe, its innovative eye for design is now available in Europe exclusively on Regent Street.

Established in 2011 under the philosophy of high-end experimentation, Gentle Monster’s futuristic creations aim to combine both elegance and playfulness. The brand offers shoppers the option of something sleek and minimal or highly attention-grabbing to wear with pride. The brand’s focus on developing radically new products is reflected within its state-of-the-art, museum like retail spaces, that result in multi-sensory environments for shoppers.

Its new European flagship on Regent Street is titled ‘KUNG FU’, and is inspired by the martial arts practice intertwined with extra-terrestrial creatures. This two-story visionary store transports visitors to another world, as shoppers enter into a KUNG FU training ground run by alien life, with a large sacred gong chiming in time with alien’s regime every few minutes. The imaginative experience is heightened downstairs, within a KUNG FU battleground surrounded by a bamboo forest, an area for championship battles and a champions hall of fame.

Gentle Monster is a creative force to be reckoned with and provides an immersive retail experience like no other. Come and get lost in its unique space, and maybe find your statement style along the way.

28-29 Argyll Street, London W1F 7EB.


For more information on opening and closing times, visit the Gentle Monster Directory page here.

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