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Fashioning the future: craft

Discover London Fashion Week brands and their craft credentials

This LFW, we are shining the spotlight on a series of brands that live and work in the heart of London. Across St James's & Regent Street, we’re proud of the expert craftspeople and artisans behind so many of our brands. From traditional techniques to innovative new ways of working, discover some of these brilliant brands below.

The Master Cutters: Benson & Clegg

Benson & Clegg has been creating garments for the sartorially minded since 1937. But how has the brand built a loyal following of customers spanning the last 80 years? The answer is simple: the skills of the tailors are so specialised that they are true masters of their art. Continuing their legacy of British craft - with a warm, and welcoming approach - encapsulates the very philosophy that inspired the brand’s founders; a desire for bespoke tailoring to be accessible to all.

Experience the precision of their Master Cutter below.

Loake’s uncompromising attention to detail

Loake shoemakers have been a St James’s stalwart dedicated to crafting fine footwear for nearly 140 years. Even today, the signature Loake 1880 label is recognised for its precision and detail: everyone who wears a pair can attest to the expertise in its creation. With a team of the very best shoemakers producing just a few pairs at a time, the Loake way affords the dedicated makers time to ensure that every pair meets unscrupulous standards when being brought to life.

From the design bench to the finishing room, each pair of shoes from the 1880 Export Grade collection is carefully and expertly crafted. Uncover this process below.

BOTTLETOP’s sustainable luxury proves innovation can be positive for people and planet

1.5 million tonnes of aluminium cans go to waste each year, an issue that the team at BOTTLETOP wanted to tackle. They designed a fashion-friendly chain-mail bag from recycled ring pulls, demonstrating that style and sustainability can co-exist. Fashioning bags out of recycled products benefits the environment whilst simultaneously helping struggling local communities through much-needed employment and education opportunities.

Go behind-the-scenes of BOTTLETOP’s Brazilian atelier and hear from the skilled artisans that craft BOTTLETOP’s distinctive bags.

Luca Faloni discusses his creation journey

Luca Faloni’s belief is that his customers want to invest in timeless pieces. With this philosophy in mind, Luca and the team ensure they research artisan producers that are creating using the highest quality products possible. Many products are created by artisans sourced from different Italian regions, who are highly specialised in their particular craft.

Hear Luca Faloni’s journey and learn more about the Luca Faloni brand model here.

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