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Find the perfect pair of trainers with On

Find your fast with On’s highly immersive, Swiss engineered flagship store on Regent Street

The right shoe can make or break your run, so how do you want your shoes to feel? Ground-breaking and futuristic? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Enter On’s immersive three storey state-of-the-art space, inspired by a science museum on 169 - 173 Regent Street. This Swiss-engineered experiential space houses collections of On’s innovatively crafted shoes and apparel in-store for the first time in the UK. It brings the running journey to life through its interior design using paved stones and natural clay to bring to life what running “feels” like and encourages you to experience the space using the senses. It also plays host to a community space for panel talks, workshops, work outs and a pop-up bar.

With its tech-driven approach to shopping, you can consult the innovative shopping assistant, “The Magic Wall” to assess your stride and help match you with your perfect pair of On trainers.

You can explore its vast variety of trainers based on the type of activity you would like to perform; whether its road running, hiking, trail running, active life or travel. Each pair of On trainers is lightweight and engineered for high performance, functionality and promises comfort. Don’t forget to try your hand at (or feet) its renowned patented CloudTec cushioning technology that adapts to your running style and helps you achieve your new personal best.

Visit the futuristic space and get ready for your best run yet…

Why not take your new pair of trainers out for a stroll in central London or indulge in a bit of self-care this year with our wellbeing guide.

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