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Five easy ways to to boost your fitness plan

January is the time to kick-start your fitness regime. To give you a little motivation Psycle instructor, Lemon, is here with her top five tips for starting 2016 with a bang.


Download the latest fitness app. Class Pass is amazing! You can try new fitness classes to find a workout that suits you best in different locations across London. Variety is key and you may even find something you love that you never expected. There is also a whole host of classes available on Regent Street.


Grab yourself some fresh kit. It will help set your focus and positivity for your workout ahead. I love picking up a Lulu Lemon crop top, available at Psycle, whilst classic Nike leggings and trainers have me raring to go.


Greens, Greens, Greens! When we are all so busy and trying to get back on track after the December festivities it can be hard. I love grabbing a Green Juice from Whole Foods. It's quick, easy, tastes delicious and it will make your tummy very happy. Their Hot Shot is also amazing for keeping those colds away. 


Set yourself a goal. Either a time goal you want to reach, amount of classes you want to attend or your own personal challenge. A charity run, bike ride, marathon, swim, race, or for you hard core fitness lovers, why not sign up for Iron Man or Tough Mudder? However big or small, write your goal on a piece of paper and pin it up somewhere you can see it every day.


Finally, get down to my class at Psycle every Thursday or Friday evening to sweat, dance, ride and best of all party - we will find your inner rock star! If I’m not in London, check out Alana or AD’s class. It's the best workout in town. Don't forget to pick up a Cool Down smoothie afterwards from our smoothie bar.

Follow Lemon on Twitter at @LemonyWorld to inspire your fitness routine and here’s to a healthy lifestyle in 2016.

Don't forget to book a Psycle class at 76 Mortimer Street. 

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