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Regent Street & St James’s Launch a Pioneering Food Waste Pledge

Discover our commitment to reduce food waste by 25% by May 2020

With one third of all food produced globally going to waste, food wastage is a huge environmental issue. Greenhouse gases emitted from wasted food breaking down in landfill equates to the same level of an entire country. To put this into context, landfill would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases after the USA and China. Thankfully this is something that we are all increasingly aware of.

What is the pledge?

Recognising the importance of this crucial issue, Regent Street & St James’s have created a pioneering food waste pledge. The Regent Street & St James’s Food Waste Pledge is made up of a network of 10 restaurants currently having committed to collectively reducing food waste by 25% by May 2020.

Proud to be the first destinations in the UK to introduce a campaign of this kind, the pledge unites leading restaurants and cafés which share the vision of reducing their environmental impact and offering more choice to diners.

The pledge was inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 12, focusing on responsible consumption and production, which aims to reduce food waste by 50% per capita by 2030.

With 2019 marking Regent Street’s 200th Anniversary, the purpose is to commit to the future and encourage a significant shift within the food industry that will create a positive change for both people and planet.

Who is involved?

A total of 10 drinking and dining destinations in central London have committed thus far: from north of Oxford Circus down to Pall Mall. From restaurants and hotels to cosy cafés, encompassing Michelin-starred fine dining in St James’s Market, as well as casual hidden eateries offering you a quick bite on Heddon Street.

Members include:

How can I stay up to date and support the pledge?

Keep checking our Insider Food Waste Pledge pages throughout the year to receive updates on the pledge. We’ll be sharing news from participating restaurants as well as hints on tips on what you can do to help reduce waste including creative food waste recipes and more.  

Be sure to pay a visit to one or all of the restaurants involved to find out more and to try their food-waste-friendly dishes.

You can also follow our social channels @RegentStreetW1 and @stjameslondon for updates for our pioneering pledge.

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