Founders Stories - Spiritland

Paul Noble, Artistic Director at Spiritland, talks about his inspiration, career highlights, and why Regent Street is the perfect place for a headphone bar.


1. Who is your greatest inspiration?

The artists! All of them. Everything we do at Spiritland starts with showing as much love as possible to the musicians and their art. That extends to the equipment we have in store, the music we play and how we present it.

2. How did you kick-start your brand?

We started this as a popup in Merchant’s Tavern four years ago, playing a broad range of music on an incredible sound system. Since then we’ve gone on to open a café, bar and radio studio in King’s Cross, and now a shop on New Burlington Street, just off Regent Street. 

3. What are the items/rituals you can’t live without to do your job?

Spiritland runs on coffee and wine - so every morning it’s a strong pot of coffee and notepad session for me.

4. What made you choose Regent Street as the home for your brand?

This felt like the right place to set up our first shop - very central, great neighbours and a global presence.

5. What career advice would you give your younger self?

Stick with it, get your hands as dirty as possible and don’t worry about buying so much audio equipment, it’ll all make sense one day.

6. What do you think makes your brand/in-store experience special?

There’s some beautiful audio equipment out there, but most of it is either sold online, or in a department store, next to TVs and washing machines. We wanted to create a beautiful space where the products could really breathe and you can get hands on with them while you’re making decisions. There’s nowhere else in London where you can hear such a range of headphones, all lined up and ready to demo. Plus, you can get a nice Japanese whisky while you’re here…

7. What is it that’s special about Regent Street as a location?

It is in the middle of everything - right in-between Soho, Mayfair and Fitzrovia. Also, the architecture is the epitome of London grandeur.

8. Where’s your favourite place to eat/drink/shop/stay on Regent Street?

Ralph’s Coffee and Bar is a fantastic hidden gem within the Polo Ralph Lauren store. We’re often in there having meetings or playing table polo with the miniature drinks stirrers.

With thanks to Paul Noble, Artistic Director of Spiritland

Visit the Spiritland store at 3 New Burlington Street, W1S 2JF

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