Get inspired as the London Marathon hits Regent Street

Ahead of the London Marathon this weekend, we have gone the extra mile to bring you the best of fashion, fuel and fitness advice from Regent Street.

Whether you’re taking part or training for next year, discover our top tips and athleisure brands to help you pound the pavement.


During a marathon the forces posed by speed, gravity and the ground can result in three to eight times your bodyweight going through each side of your body, depending on your style of running. Your body needs to be strong enough to tolerate that.

Third Space osteopath and personal trainer Henry Howe reveals his five golden rules when embarking on marathon training, and explains why strength training is vital.

Maintain your health. It’s a cliché but they say the greatest challenge is making the start line. Granted, 26.2 miles is not an easy task, but maintaining your health whilst you develop your fitness is half the battle: a stubborn flu or persistent injury can derail your training for weeks. However, there is so much you can do to avoid this.

Focus on strength training. It’s more effective than stretching, using a foam roller, getting a sports massage, the list goes on. There is no comparable approach to avoiding injury than picking up heavy things! Historically we have been aware that cross training is important for running, but it’s really important that you make your cross training as relevant and specific to running as possible.

Stay on your feet! Too often I see people doing exercises on the floor; in a marathon you spend all of your time on your feet, so this is where your conditioning should take place.

Work each side of the body separately. Again, I see too many programmes where people use deadlifts and squats for running. We use our left and our right legs independently when we run; ignoring that fact can leave you vulnerable.

Focus on quality not quantity. Although we need a lot of volume in our running, the same cannot be said for strength training. Choose 3 or 4 foundation exercises – do them well, and do them consistently.

To learn more on Henry’s Basic Marathon Fit Programme visit Third Space at 67 Brewer Street.

If you really want to get your heart racing and your legs strong, why not try a 45-minute signature bike workout at Psycle? Classes are designed to give you a full body workout, taking you through climbs, sprints, jogs and high intensity intervals to deliver the best cardio workout possible, while strengthening and toning your muscles.

To book a class visit Psycle at 76, Mortimer Street.


With a wealth of fitness brands on Regent Street, add a spring to your step with the newest running outfits from the likes of lululemon, Nike and Ted Baker.

Add a hint of colour to your running attire with lululemon’s sleek running collection, which will keep you ahead of the crowd both on and off the track.

Or if you’re looking for something vibrant try Ted Baker’s ‘Fit to a T’ collection. We love the ‘Tropical Oasis’ and ‘Marina Mosaic’ collection, which are exclusive to the Regent Street store.


Power up year-round with tibits' protein fuel plant based menu. With a daily selection of over 40 homemade dishes, all nutritionally balanced, protein-rich and low in sugar, you can create your perfect plate from the Food Boat.

Alternatively, Neat Nutrition Café located in the lululemon flagship is the perfect pit stop for a quick protein smoothie post-training.


Created in celebration and consideration of the athletes taking part in the London Marathon, Hotel Café Royal’s Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre has introduced the Marathon Sanctuary – London’s ultimate training retreat. Fusing fitness, nutrition and nourishing spa treatments, the package also includes an ice bath, a first for the London 5-star hotel.

Available as either a two-day programme or overnight retreat, the package also includes a nutritious meal in the Ten Room restaurant to replenish the system with high GI dishes created by in-house nutritionist Zoe Stirling.

Available exclusively from 21st to 23rd April, from £420 per person. Book online here.


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