How to… make ramen at home with Heddon Yokocho

Discover top tips to perfect this Japanese dish

A bowl of ramen is the ultimate comfort food during these dark February days. It’s also great for your immune system too – thanks to the bone broth base – making it an ideal (and tasty) way to boost your wellbeing.

Rustle up your leftovers and learn how to create this delicious dish thanks to the expert team at Heddon Yokocho - who can’t wait to welcome you back to their Heddon Street home once the lockdown is lifted. Read on for their top tips for the perfect ramen.

  • For cooking:
    • Perfect ramen noodles need lots of boiling hot water to help the noodles to cook at the right temperature – for 2 portions you’ll need about 2-3 litres of water at the ready.
    • If you use less water, as you add more noodles, the temperature will drop and the noodles won't cook properly – a common mistake for beginners!
    • The perfect time for cooking noodles is 45 seconds – so get your timer out.
    • Don't forget to loosen your noodles as you add them to the boiling water, otherwise they will stick together.
  • For serving:
    • Find it a struggle to keep your soup and noodles piping hot? Why not warm up your ramen bowls with boiling water, then empty just before dishing up and serving – keeping your soup warmer for longer.
  • Your toppings:
    • Be creative with your toppings – in Japan there are hundreds of different variations and so it’s hard to get them wrong. It’s also a limitless, fun and great way to use up leftover vegetables from your kitchen.
    • For topping inspiration, some of the best are garlic chips, fried onions and bean sprouts. If you’re a fan of spice, you can create heat easily by adding a dash of sriracha sauce to the soup or fresh jalapenos. Why not try both if you’re after a really spicy dish…
    • At Yokocho, they serve ramen with a nitamago egg and ginger – which is always a popular choice - or you can try the traditional seaweed, miso and sweetcorn like they do in Hokkaido.

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