Introducing Ergon

Bringing traditional Greek food to London, we welcome Greek deli, Ergon, to Regent Street.

There's a growing buzz about Greek food in London and the arrival of Ergon on Regent Street looks set to put Hellenic food prominently on the culinary map. Ergon is a family business that started out in Thessaloniki seeking out ingredients from small artisan Greek producers and has gradually evolved to open deli-cafés in Athens, the Greek islands, Brussels, Miami and now its first deli on Regent Street, London. Whilst the ethos of Ergon remains traditional in inspiration with an emphasis on reassuringly authentic flavours, the look and preparation of Ergon products as well as the design of the deli is appealingly contemporary. 

Ergon includes 1200+ artisanal ingredients from olive oil, grains and jams to unusual “cheese spreads” from more than 150 Greek farmers, all of whom are name-checked on their products. They select the most sumptuous kalamata olives, unusual honeys and more unique products including orzo spaghetti with sheep's milk, pumpkin marmalade and sour cherry syrup with honey.

Dimitris Skarmoutsos, Ergon's executive chef leads the new generation of innovative Greek chefs in redefining traditional Greek mezze. He brings his edgy mix of creativity and respect for tradition by using Ergon products to develop the dishes served in the deli. Mezze is the epitome of modern eating – small portions, healthy eating, food to bring people together and share in the true Ergon manner. 

Visit them now at 15 Maddox Street

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