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Reduce plastic waste on Regent Street with Refill London

Stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste with refillable water stations on Regent Street.

With 16 million plastic water bottles sent to UK landfills every single day, we can all make a difference and do our bit for the planet with one simple change. Now’s the time to swap single-use plastic bottles for water refills. Or better yet, opt for one of the stylish reusable water bottles available across our street.

Each person in the UK uses an average of 175 single-use plastic bottles a year, but only half of those are recycled. To help Londoners and visitors alike to make more eco-friendly decisions, Refill London has installed 700 ‘Refill Stations’ across the length and breadth of the capital - including multiple locations on Regent Street. As London’s tap water undergoes more quality checks than bottled water, there has never been more of a reason to join the refill revolution.  

By celebrating the quality of our tap water and making it even more accessible to all, Refill London aims to reduce the millions of plastic bottles that end up as landfill or in waterways, to create a cleaner future for our street, our city, and our planet.

Thirsty passers-by should look out for Refill London stickers in the window of Regent Street stores which are hosting Refill Stations. Or you can find them on the free Refill app, and pop in to top up your water bottle on the go.

Refill on Regent Street can be found at: Whole Foods, Rapha, Ergon Deli, Regent Street Bike Drop, Nando’s, Itsu, Starbucks, and Pret.

If you’re looking to take things a step further, why not invest in Rapha’s 100% recyclable bottles, or if you enjoy your water at varying temperatures, explore Lululemon’s range of stay hot or keep cool bottles. Increasing your water intake is easy with Gymshark’s litre bottles that will ensure you reach your hydration goals daily.

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