Regent Street welcomes London’s first CityTree – a pollution absorbing ‘living wall’ with the eco-power of 275 trees

London will reap the benefits from its first CityTree - a revolutionary technology designed to remove harmful air pollution and heat in cities.

Having been tried and tested in European cities including Berlin, Amsterdam and Oslo, the first London CityTree has launched on Glasshouse Street, just off Regent Street - delivering 275 times the air cleaning capability of a single tree. CityTree is a pioneering technology which takes just 1% of the space that would be needed to achieve the same results using real trees.

What makes CityTree unique is its combination of mosses, which are naturally powerful in absorbing pollution and particulates, as well as plants, which provide the shade that mosses need to thrive in an urban environment. Each CityTree is capable of reducing pollutants by up to 30% and is particularly effective in cities. The wall of irrigated mosses also produces a cooling effect on the surrounding area – perfect to help combat the urban heat.

London’s air quality is an ever-present problem, with millions of people and vehicles passing through the city every day. With the addition of this CityTree, Regent Street hopes to contribute to significantly reducing the carbon emissions in the West End. If you’re in the area, we recommend stopping by to view this exciting first for clean air innovation in London.

CityTree will be in situ on Glasshouse Street from 16th March until 21st June 2018.

Keeping checking Regent Street Online as we'll soon be revealing statistics on the success of the CityTree's presence in cleaning up the air. 

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