STILL: A Regent Street Guided Meditation – Regent Street London

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STILL: A Regent Street Guided Meditation

Listen to a guided meditation created specifically for Regent Street

Curious about meditation? We have created a bespoke guided meditation to offer you a moment of calm in the heart of Central London. 

The meditative piece, entitled STILL, has been created especially for Regent Street's Summer Streets festival to offer visitors to the street a multi-dimensional sonic journey. The piece fuses Celtic wisdom with the expansiveness of modern neuro-sonic soundscapes, resulting in a relaxing sound journey for you to enjoy.

The special curation has been created by wellness-innovation studio, BeBox, to harness the power of the present moment and create stillness within the listener. BeBox worked with Danish sound artist & composer, Lasse Mosegard to create the piece.

Whether walking down Regent Street, or travelling on the tube, you can listen to the 15 minute guided meditation to improve your well-being.

To listen to our special sound, please find the SoundCloud link here.



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