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Try a One Planet Plate on Regent Street

Satisfy your inner-foodie whilst also making a sustainable choice on the 24th March on Regent Street

Regent Street is taking part in the One Planet Plate campaign, part of a wider initiative by the Sustainable Restaurant Association to make more planet friendly food. On 24th March, visit a selection of Regent Street’s most popular eateries which will be serving delicious and sustainably sourced dishes in honour of Earth Hour.

The One Planet Plate initiative has been developed to encourage chefs and restaurants around the world to consider sustainability issues and how they can adopt a few simple changes to upgrade dishes on their menus to be more sustainable, providing you with more eco-friendly choices when dining out.

Restaurants taking part include: Aubaine, aqua kyoto, aqua nueva, Frescobaldi, Hawksmoor, tibits and Piccolino.

For its One Planet Plate aqua nueva has created a San Sebastián style crab dish with sea herbs, which is sustainable as the crab meat is sourced from their preferred supplier in Dover and has zero wastage. All aspects of the crab is used in this dish and across other dishes in the menu, specifically the shell which is used to also make the crab bisque on the plate.

Aubaine’s One Planet Plate is a vegan cauliflower dish which aims to address the issues around excessive meat consumption, as well as proving to be a hit with their customers - the roasted cauliflower recipe is an ethical and completely meat free alternative to a traditional steak.

Meanwhile, Frescobaldi will be serving a seafood risotto with ingredients sourced from a sustainable supplier, whilst tibits will be offering a curried quinoa salad, taking advantage of sustainably sourced ingredients to create a hearty, wholesome salad to remedy those hunger pangs.

The seafood offering doesn’t end with Frescobaldi, as Piccolino will also be rustling up a Fresh Crab linguine. This simple pasta dish is not only delicious, but the crab meat is sourced from sustainably fished, clean, clear waters that surround the Isle of Man. Piccolino’s trusted supplier, Nick Pledger from the Port of St Mary is located right in the harbour, guaranteeing its freshness and delicious taste.

Last but certainly not least, award-winning British steakhouse Hawksmoor is offering a delightful dish of potted beef and bacon paired with heavenly Yorkshire puddings. With many steak restaurants having left over trimmings of prime beef once service has ended, Hawksmoor aimed to diminish this unfortunate waste and created this pleasurable pot for its staff meals. Soon becoming a staff favourite this sustainably sourced and waste-free meal now takes centre stage on the dining menu. 

Please join us on the street as we take part in the One Planet Plate campaign in support of Earth Hour. The One Planet Plate dishes will be on offer at all participating Regent Street restaurants from 22nd – 29th March.

You can find out more on the campaign at


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