World’s Best Pastry Chef Opens ‘Cake & Bubbles’ on Regent Street

Leading Chef Albert Adrià brings a dessert-only restaurant to Hotel Café Royal

A major culinary coup for the capital has occurred at Hotel Café Royal. A brand-new concept, Cake & Bubbles, by globally renowned Chef Albert Adrià, has now opened.

Marking the Michelin-starred chef’s first permanent site outside of Spain, Chef Albert is arguably best known for Tickets, a Barcelona-based restaurant that is a highlight of the World’s Best 50 restaurants list and that is notoriously tricky to secure a reservation at. Adria also comes from a prestigious culinary family best known for the highly esteemed El Bulli restaurant which also garners visitors from across the globe.

Cake & Bubbles is a hot new eatery at Hotel Café Royal, featuring a decadent selection of sweet treats that promise to make your mouth water. As the name suggests, this new dessert haven pays homage to the sweet combination of desserts and bubbles, with traditional pastries and creative concoctions to indulge in. The desserts are utterly magical, with the likes of Airwaffles with caramelised banana alongside pineapple with palm honey and strawberries with fresh orange jus, Chocolate ninyoyaki cake balls and egg flan.

Foodies in the know will be pleased to note that Albert’s popular Tickets white chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake is currently available at Cake & Bubbles – saving you the cost of a plane ticket to Spain. We’ll see you there!

Hotel Café Royal, 68 Regent St, Soho, London W1B 4DY

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