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Top Veggie Restaurants on Regent Street

Discover an array of scrumptious meat-free restaurants on Regent Street.

No meat? No problem. In the spirit of eating well, eateries across central London are experimenting with flavoursome vegan and vegetarian arrangements, leaving veggie legends spoilt for choice. Peek into our list of hearty, flavourful and satisfying noshes that might even convert a carnivore or two. Join us as we devour sustainable food culture in London’s culinary hotspot, Regent Street.


With its holistic approach to cooking and eating, Tendril delivers uncompromising plant-first food concocted with flair, care, and technique. Nibble on charred beetroot, seeded bread with a blanket of baked brie, crispy celeriac terrine, purple potatoes in soy and blue corn tostadas. Or, if you would like a taste of all the tid bits - experiment with its ‘discovery menu’, guaranteed to provide your five a day.

Arket Café 

Bite into a slice of clean eating from the Nordics. With Danish Semla pastries, vibrant salads with a celebration of seasonal vegetables and gourmet sandwiches - set in the serene surroundings of the Arket Café in Regent Street.

Neat Burger

Tuck into plant-based powerhouse Neat Burger’s hot off the grill “neat meat” burgers. With the mission to inspire a sustainably delicious future, Neat Burger helps individuals explore the ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle with every crunchy plant-based patty and wholesome brioche bun duo.

The Avocado Show

Heavy on the sustainably sourced avocados to boost your super food consumption and bursting with vibrant flavours is cheery café The Avocado Show. The bright colours on each avocado-drizzled plate pep up the entire dish - with burger buns being replicated with halved avocados, to avo ice cream – find salty savoury bits and golden sweet offerings with its host of mouth-watering avocado-based foods.

Hotel Café Royal

Now with its wondrous catering open to all plant-based lovers, Hotel Café Royal’s vegan afternoon tea service comes with a smile. Tradition meets veganism, with scones accompanied by vegan spreads, tofu’s take on the coronation chicken sandwich and an oat milk ganache pudding. A supremely satisfying experience of unique combinations of flavours gracefully melding together to await you.

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