8 things to do at carpo

Glasshouse Street has a delicious new addition…

In ancient Greece, the goddess Carpo was responsible for the ripening of crops and fruits and the autumn harvest. Today, Athenian brand carpo celebrates 10 years in London with its new home on Glasshouse Street.

Serving up a delicious range of nuts, dried fruit, coffee and chocolate, indulge your senses with a visit to its new store which is just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus. The scent of freshly roasted nuts was enough to lure us inside, but the friendly staff, quality produce, range of snacks and “try before you buy policy” is sure to keep you coming back time and time again.

Here's everything you need to try with things to do at carpo.

1. Enjoy its authentic Greek yoghurt selection

Whether you’re visiting after it opens at 8am for breakfast, or just fancy a healthy snack, carpo’s authentic Greek yoghurt bowls are guaranteed to hit the spot. Choose between its four base blends of yoghurt mixed with spirulina, chia seeds and honey; fresh berries; nut butters or rich cocoa powder. Top it off with dried fruits, nuts, pure Greek honey and superfoods toppings for a burst of energy whatever time of day.

2. Smell the freshly roasted nuts

It’s fascinating to watch the team select nuts and add them to the in-store roasting machine but whether you watch the process or not, the alluring smell which permeates the store means their work is always appreciated.

3. Ask for a sample

If you wander around the store, you can’t spot the signs encouraging you to try before you buy – who are we to refuse?

4. Pick up a refreshing drink

Stay hydrated with carpo’s signature fresh lemonades; our favourite was its fiery ginger lemonade. Or opt for one of its healthy smoothies, made with fresh fruits, yogurt, nuts and honey.

5. Find your perfect match(a)

However you like your caffeine fix, carpo is ready to serve your order to-go, at one of its outdoor tables or upstairs in its relaxed café. Choose from authentic Greek and Arabic coffees (the Freddo Cappuccino is a must), sip on rich hot chocolate or it’s extensive range of teas, chai and matcha.

6. Treat someone to an indulgent gift

From small bags of dried fruit and nuts to brighten someone’s day (including your own) to larger gift boxes filled with fine chocolates and nibbles, carpo has it all.  

7. Go nuts for its ice cream selection

We thought the difficult choice was picking between carpo’s indulgent ice cream flavours; think Greek Pistachio, mocha with espresso beans, luxury chocolate, vegan mango sorbet and more. But the real challenge comes when you get to choose your toppings – from nuts and granola to chocolate, honey and nut pastes, you’re spoilt for choice at its ice cream counter.

8. Relax in its top floor hideaway

A quiet spot to escape the buzz of central London, carpo’s café is a great spot to catch up with friends or simply enjoy some “me time” with a drink and snack. As well as the usual suspects like an exceedingly good croissant, you can tuck into healthy nut and date bars and carpo’s full range of yoghurts and ice creams.

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