Top 3 Hottest Dishes on Regent Street

From authentic Japanese to the finest Indian cuisine, we bring you a first class selection of Regent Street’s spiciest dishes.


99 Regent Street, W1B 4EZ

The first of its kind, Veeraswamy on Regent Street has been offering the best in classical Indian cuisine since 1926. With a rich and scintillating history, Veeraswamy has been known as a legendary landmark amongst the well-heeled, worldwide royalty and international gourmets. Situated on a mezzanine floor, its superb views of Regent Street are complimented by its opulent Raj-inspired surroundings.

With flavours that change periodically, the menu features regal street food such as the Raj Kachori - large wheat puri filled with goodies, splashed with chutneys - but the hottest dish is a classic, the Roast Duck Vindaloo. The classical menu is served alongside Veeraswamy inspired contemporary creations all prepared by chefs from the region of the dishes origin, meaning there is a dish for any mood hot or not.

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8 Heddon Street, W1B 4BS

Inspired by founder, Tak Tokumine’s, love of the old style drinking houses, known as izakayas, found in the buzzing nightlife districts across Japan, Sakagura is a place to escape and relax in the company of friends, Japanese food and drinks.

Whether it is a bottomless weekend brunch or a romantic evening for two, Sakagura’s menus allow guests to pick and choose dishes ensuring plates are full of Japanese soul food. From Extra Hot Ika Karaage, a deep fried salted squid with jalapenos and a gochujang chilli mayo, to Spicy Kimchi, Sakagura’s hot dishes will impress.

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25 Heddon Street, W1B4BH

When Parisian-Algerian restaurateur Mourad Mazouz arrived in London in 1995, the first thing he did was look for a place to eat his homely couscous. To experience the very best in Moroccan cuisine, look no further than Momo on Heddon Street.

With a deliciously varied menu, share a traditional Harira Soup to start or skip straight to a Tender Tagine and enjoy a meal that burst with the authentic flavours of North Africa, invigorated with a Mediterranean accent and all made fresh with locally sourced ingredients and spices. For those looking for a kick, the Mechoui For Two, slow cooked lamb shoulder marinated in spicy North African flavours is bursting with aromas. 

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