Feb18 2023

A feast for your eyes and tastebuds

Prepare for an adventure into experimental gastronomy as you delight your senses. Taking to Glasshouse Street from 17th - 18th February at 12pm - 6pm, Flavourscapes is bringing to you a wonder-filled world full of unexpected delicacies and unconventional food formulas this February half-term to keep your little ones occupied.

Sensory delights on the menu include a vibrantly coloured five cheese fondue fountain with unexpected sides to dip into (think sweet potato doughnuts), a florescent take on Bao buns making them glow-in-the-dark with the option of meat and veggie stuffings, liquid nitrogen ice cream and candy floss burritos - all this and more, to spark joy.

Indulge yourself with our tasteful tipples on offer, including an Upside-Down Iced Tea - the boozy alternative of the classic served hot with a dash of jelly ice-cube, or sip into the Punchy Punch for some winter warming flavours such as ginger and chilli. Whats more, Coffee fuelled social enterprise Change Please will also be serving hot drinks with 100% of profits going towards people experiencing homelessness. 

Come along to brighten up your winter with bold colours on this sensorial journey. Expect to be shocked as our enchanting magicians and entertainment turn the street into an experiential space - perfect for a free fun day out in London.

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