Regent Street in the Future

What will a shopping street look like in the future – AI, drone deliveries, flying cars, jet-packs?

With Regent Street already seeing so much change since its inception in 1819, we’re always curious to imagine what the street might become in the next 200 years.

Hovercraft Hubs

You may have spotted our April Fool’s Day prank earlier this year – where we reported sights of hovercrafts zooming along the length of our curve. Perhaps these will replace our red London Buses in the future, offering a guaranteed seat in rush hour.

A Green Street

With a living wall already a pioneering addition to Regent Street, we’re casting our minds to the future and envisioning a fully green city. Our rooftop allotments transformed into a vertical meadow extending the length of the street, trees in the sky and connected rooftop gardens above the hovercrafts below, and drones overhead delivering freshly grown Regent Street produce.

Hyper-Personal Style

With tech and retail becoming ever closer, one day we like to think that our personal style will be instantly recognised upon entering a store. With a hologram dressing room making it easier to “try on” the latest trends, you can then sit back and relax whilst a personalised outfit is created especially for you, made entirely from recycled fabrics.

Weightless Shopping Bags

One of the challenges of a hard day hitting the stores is carrying around bags. In the future, this problem will be solved with floating shopping devices – miniature hand-shaped drones will help you carry your bags from store to store. With a built-in mood detector, these clever gadgets will be able to book restaurants for you if they sense you are hungry, or direct you to the nearest teleporting station if you’re starting to emit tired energy. Want to send your shopping home to enjoy the evening hands-free? No problem, pop it into self-drive and find them waiting for you at home or in your chosen drop off point. These helpful hands will to make your day entirely fuss-free.

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