The Future of Food involves everyone, from farmers to producers; suppliers to restaurants; consumers to corporates. We got in touch with some of the UK’s most respected chefs and operators to find out more about their vision for the future of food.

  • Nathan Outlaw, Chef and Founder, Outlaw’s

    “I’m optimistic. Chefs are thinking more about sustainability when creating menus and the public is more aware. I think, generally, people have realised that we need to protect our food now, otherwise supplies will fail in the future. It’s about using what you have on your doorstep, being creative and taking care of Nature.”

    Nathan Outlaw

  • Skye Gyngell, Culinary Director, Heckfield Place

    “The future of food – and really the future of our planet – depends on us supporting growers and producers who care about the land. It is the one and only way forward. For the hospitality industry, that means working with suppliers who have a vested interest in repairing a broken food system, who have a conscience about stewardship of the land. It is great to see the feeling and focus of sustainability changing throughout our industry, but we need to do more and we need to do it quickly. It can seem incredibly overwhelming and insurmountable, but broken down into small steps, it starts to become more manageable and, in fact, very inspiring.”

    Skye Gyngell

  • Alan Stewart

    “A more discerning informed consumer is driving demand for sustainably produced, high quality ingredients, along with a need for a more localised sustainable food production system. Together both will drive changes in agriculture combining traditional methods with more modern techniques to ensure restaurants and customers get the ingredients they want produced in the right way. Restaurants of tomorrow will consider everything and its impact on the world, from raw ingredient to crockery, how is it made, and its impact.”

    Alan Stewart

  • Lisa Goodwin-Allen

    “The future of food will continue to be centred around sustainability, using food that has been produced in a way that protects the environment and makes efficient use of natural resources. Restaurants must be more accountable with regards to best practices, like animal welfare. There will be more awareness of the nutritional benefits and cleaner food will be important to the consumer.”

    Lisa Goodwin-Allen

  • Tom Kerridge

    “The future of food is a real celebration of the culinary world, shining a light on how dynamic the hospitality scene in London is. It’s great that these series of events and experiences really showcase the hugely talented front and back of house that the Capital is so renowned for.”

    Tom Kerridge

  • Adam Smith

    “I believe now more than ever, we as chefs, should be ever conscious of how we can create and sustain the future of food in the country and beyond. It goes far beyond just being sustainable which is now just expected and intrinsically woven into everything we do. I believe we will see even more focus on vegetables and grains, using both science and also ancient knowledge to improve productivity in terms of volume, nutrition and taste.”

    Adam Smith

  • Owen Morgan

    “The future of food is all about transparency, provenance, natural production and seasonality. Whilst there’s constant support in these areas, there’s no denying that we continue to operate in a highly processed food supply chain which creates barriers for breakthrough.  For restaurants, I hope this means shorter menus, less processes on a plate and importantly more reuse of key ingredients with zero waste as the end goal.”

    Owen Morgan



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